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Posted by Misha on Friday 17 April 2020


Your friends have postponed their wedding, and you have no idea what to say, how to help or what to do. How to support friends who have postponed their wedding? Read these tips from @betweenthepine before reaching out. 


“It just means the world to have people reaching out and reminding me that they’re there and love me, even when I’m not ready to talk about it,” Erin said. No matter how you know the couple who has postponed their wedding, you can make an impact by reaching out! If you’re a bridesmaid, groomsmen, family member, wedding guest or even just a Facebook friend-of-a-friend, you can encourage couples who are postponing their wedding dates because of coronavirus.


1. Send surprise snail mail 
Snail mail is the greatest thing on earth. Seriously. There is nothing better than receiving a handwritten card from someone. A handwritten card shows that you sat down, took intentional time to think about your friends and wrote out encouragement to them. Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten card.


2. FaceTime or call your friends 
In this time of social distancing, a FaceTime or phone call can be so uplifting to anyone’s mood compared to a text message. Carve out some time to sit, distraction free, and call your friends who have postponed their wedding. Invest time to listen and be there for them.


3. Send an encouraging voice memo 
Your friends are likely getting so many texts and calls about their postponed wedding. Send them a voice memo that has nothing to do with their postponed date. Just encourage them! Call out the gold in them!


4. Don’t forget about the groom 
“As a groom, it's nice to have people checking in,” Jeff said. “It’s nice to have a friend asking me, specifically as the groom, how I’m doing and letting me process.” Encourage the couple! It’s okay for grooms to feel sad and disappointed. Don't forget to reach out to the groom!


Credit: Between The Pine, full blog available here


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If you can send a surprise gift (be it bridal veils, personalized bridal robe, wedding hanger, and so on) to your engaged friends to cheer them up during this emotional time, why not? :)